The Power of Selenium: A Key Mineral for Fertility

The Power of Selenium: A Key Mineral for Fertility
When it comes to fertility, every nutrient counts. But there's one mineral that often gets overlooked despite its significant role in reproductive health: selenium. This potent antioxidant is not only essential for general health, but it also plays a critical role in both male and female fertility.

The Role of Selenium in Fertility

Selenium is a trace mineral that is vital to human health. It acts as a potent antioxidant, helping to protect the body's cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. This protective role is particularly important when it comes to fertility.
Protecting Maternal DNA

One of the key roles of selenium in female fertility is its ability to protect maternal DNA. During the reproductive cycle, the oocyte (the immature egg in the ovary) and the embryo are at critical stages where they can be vulnerable to damage. Selenium helps to shield these cells, ensuring they can develop and function properly.


Supporting Male Fertility

Selenium isn't just important for women. It also plays a crucial role in male fertility. Selenium supports testosterone metabolism and forms part of the sperm capsule 'selenoprotein'. This means that adequate selenium levels are essential for healthy sperm production and function.

Guarding Against Oxidative Damage

Selenium's role as an antioxidant also means it helps to protect proteins and lipids in the body from oxidative damage. This is where an excess of free radicals can cause damage to the cells. By neutralising these free radicals, selenium helps to maintain the health and integrity of these cells, which is crucial for reproductive health.

Ensuring Adequate Selenium Intake

Given the importance of selenium for fertility, it's crucial to ensure you're getting enough of this mineral in your diet. Selenium-rich foods include seafood, organ meats, eggs, and Brazil nuts. However, not everyone can get enough selenium from their diet alone.

If you're trying to conceive and concerned about your selenium intake, you might need to consider supplementation. Selenium is one of the key nutrients included in the Naître Men and Women’s Liposomal Fertility Formulas from our Discover Fertility supplement range. These formulas are designed to provide the nutrients you need in a highly bioavailable form, helping to support your fertility journey.


In conclusion, selenium is a super mineral when it comes to fertility. Both men and women trying to conceive should ensure they're getting enough selenium, whether through their diet or supplementation. Remember, every nutrient counts when you're preparing for this exciting journey.
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