Modern lifestyle; with toxins, pollution and industrial food processing, makes it difficult to get all the nutrients associated with reproductive health from a normal diet.

We found that many of the existing capsule & tablet forms only actually have around 5 to 10% active ingredients with the rest being made up of fillers, binders (to hold it all together), anticaking agents (to stop production machines clogging up) – that’s a lot of unwanted compounds entering your system and even after that,due to poor bioavailability many of the nutrients are simply destroyed in the gutor flushed away before delivering the intended benefits.

Liposome delivery is the optimum solution for nutritional supplements.

Liposomes are microscopic, spherical, molecules which are bio-compatible with our bodies and over 8 times more absorbent than other supplements.

During formulation in the lab, the active ingredients are encapsulated within these tiny liposome cells that act as a kind of shield.  

They carry the nutrients through the walls of the gastrointestinal tract before being released directly into the bloodstream, rather than being destroyed in the gut or flushed out through the digestive system as with inferior pill or capsule forms. 

More therapeutic benefits are achieved without excessively high doses, with liposomes ensuring maximum absorption and minimum toxicity, so they’re also gentle on the tummy.

Our Format

These convenient little sachets allow us to deliver liquid supplements with superior bioavailability

Which means our premium nutrients are absorbed as soon as they enter the body.

Our BPA and phthalate free sachets deliver specific daily formulations with maximum efficacy designed to work in harmony with the body throughout the parenthood journey.

Our liquid liposome formulas have far greater absorption than traditional methods such as tablets.

Other formats such as pill, capsule and powder supplements often use bulking agents and fillers to add weight and volume, anti-caking agents to prevent clogging up machines during production, binders to hold ingredients together and coating agents cover the nutrients to protect them from stomach acids.

Our liquid liposome formulas do not need to use any binders, fillers or any other foreign compounds and have far greater absorption than traditional methods such as tablets.


Our 20ml liposomal drinks pack a serious punch.

The vitamins and nutrients are specifically formulated to support the body during different phases of pre-conception and through the changes of pregnancy.

Extensive research on human reproduction, nutrition and supplementation, modern science and technology, has enabled us to perfect the delivery of precise amounts of key nutrients at the time your body and baby need them. With some nutrients being prevalent for that particular phase, and others designed to gradually build up maternal stores, so that your body and mind are fully prepared for changes as happen. Just one convenient little drink, taken each day is perfect.