Liposomal Pregnancy Support Formula


The Power of Naître

Look great, feel great and build the maternal store of nutrients you and your baby will need

As well as the many protective and growth promoting nutrients, these formulas also help to boost energy, reduce tiredness and fatigue, improve skincare and general health from head to toe.

Reduces Risk of Miscarriage

Supports Healthy, Balanced Hormones

Improves Energy & Reduces Anxiety

Supports Rapid Cellular Growth

Supports Cell Division & Protects DNA

Prepares Your Body for Labour

Our liposome formulas deliver superior bioavailability through a unique combination of sourcing highly bioavailable ingredients, using a liquid format, and applying liposomal nanotechnology

This encapsulates the nutrients within tiny liposomal cells that pass through the walls of the gut before being released directly into the bloodstream.

They’re completely natural, very powerful and deliberately gentle on the tummy.

Liposomes are microscopic lipid bubbles developed to encase, protect and carry nutrients. 

They mimic our own cells and fuse with the cell wall delivering the nutrients directly into our system, similar to the power of an intravenous drip.

Most supplements out there are not a bio-compatible format so nutrients are mainly destroyed in the gut which is why we tend to pee vibrant colours after taking supplements.

One Sachet, Complete Care

Our daily liposomal sachet
provides clean, bioavailable
nutrients without all those
fillers or binders.

Questions You Ask Us:

  • No, none of Naître's daily supplements contain any vitamin A.

    Vitamin A (as retinol form) should be avoided in pregnancy, as large amounts can harm the unborn baby. 

    Naître's products for women are specialist supplements specifically for fertility, pregnancy and postnatal and are carefully formulated to contain a moderate (non-excessive) level of Betacarotene (provided as natural mixed carotenoids) instead of vitamin A. Betacarotene is converted into vitamin A naturally by the body as required. Betacarotene is totally safe and suitable for pregnancy.