Wild & Wonderful Facts about your Pregnant Body

Wild & Wonderful Facts about your Pregnant Body
Hey there, beautiful mum-to-be! Congratulations on bringing new life into this world. As your body transforms to accommodate the tiny human growing inside you, get ready for some wild and wonderful changes.

Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a fun-filled ride through incredible facts about your pregnant body. Plus, we'll throw in some tips for "Heling" (Yes, we meant to spell it that way!) your body along the way. Let's dive in!


1.   You’ve grown a new organ:

Yes, your placenta is a multi-talented brand-new organ that passes oxygen and nutrients from your blood stream to your growing baby. It also protects your baby from infection and helps to remove your baby's 'waste products', such as carbon dioxide. Linked to your baby by the umbilical cord, your placenta will weigh around 1.5lb by the time your baby is born. Your placenta is a work horse!

Tip: Eating a well-balanced healthy diet and taking a prenatal vitamin will help your placenta do its best job.

2.   The Incredible Expanding Ribcage:

Did you know your ribcage expands during pregnancy? As your uterus grows, your ribcage needs to make room for it. Rock those deep breaths and flaunt that newfound lung capacity, lady.

Tip: Opt for loose-fitting clothes or maternity bras that provide support without cramping your style (or your ribs!).

3.   The Hormone Roller Coaster:

Buckle up for a super-fast ride! From joyful tears to inexplicable rage, you'll experience a symphony of emotions, sometimes from minute-to-minute. But hey, it's all part of the magical pregnancy package!

Tip: Surround yourself with understanding and supportive loved ones who won't bat an eye when you burst into tears over a cute baby TikTok video. They've got your back!

4.   The Power of the Glow:

If you've ever wondered about that mythical pregnancy glow, well, it's real! Thanks to increased blood flow and a surge in hormones, your skin might look radiant and lit from within. Who needs highlighter when you've got Mother Nature on your side?

Tip: Keep your skin hydrated with gentle moisturisers and indulge in a mini-spa session with face masks. After all, you deserve it!

5.   Luxurious Locks:

Guess what? During pregnancy, your hair might transform into a luscious, voluminous wonder. Your hair becomes glossy and thicker due to the oestrogen receptors it contains. It is thicker because growth has slowed down and hair loss is reduced.

Tip: Treat your hair to a new hairstyle or two and keep rocking the "pregnancy glam" like a superstar! 

6.   Your baby gets food before you:

It's important to eat healthily in pregnancy. The baby will take all the nutrients they need, but this can leave you lacking.

Tip: Make sure you’re taking a good comprehensive prenatal vitamin each day to replenish those essential nutrients that aren’t stored in the body, and building adequate reserves of those nutrients that are stored, for when the baby needs them. Taking a daily prenatal vitamin rich with nutrients such as Folate, Choline, Vitamins B6 + B12, and Vitamin D are all essential to helping your body function at its best rate. 

7.   Hello, Super-Sized Breasts!

Your breasts will become larger, and more sensitive. Time to embrace the curves and find supportive bras that give you the comfort and lift you deserve. Proper support at this time is vital to support the muscles in your chest wall as there's no muscle tissue in your breast.

Tip: Get re-measured and fitted for a good quality support bra during your first trimester as this is the time of the biggest changes. However, you will feel your size changing as your pregnancy progresses.

8.   Digestion slows:

Progesterone slows your digestion early on so your body can absorb more nutrients to pass to your baby. It can cause constipation.

Tip: Have plenty of fluids, fruit and vegetables. Light exercise will also help digestion.


9.   Baby Brain:

Have you noticed that pregnancy seems to have its own version of the "scatterbrain"? Don't worry; it's not just you! Lovingly referred to as "baby brain," this forgetfulness can make you feel like you're all over the place. Embrace the quirkiness and feel free to take advantage of this phenomenon when you really just don’t feel like doing something.

Tip: Leave sticky notes around the house, set reminders on your phone, and keep a journal handy to jot down those brilliant ideas that pop up in the most unexpected moments.


10. The Dance of the Waddle: 

Say goodbye to your elegant strides and hello to the adorable waddle. As your baby grows and your centre of gravity shifts, you might find yourself embracing a newfound penguin-like walk. Rock that waddle with pride, mama!

Tip: Opt for supportive footwear that keeps you comfortable and steady on your feet. Who says waddling can't be stylish?


11. Stronger Sense of Smell: 

Changes in food likes and dislikes in pregnancy are connected with your sense of smell and not your sense of taste. Ninety per cent of your ability to taste is actually connected with sense of smell.

Tip: Embrace scents that make you feel relaxed and happy. Surround yourself with pleasant aromas like lavender or citrus to create a soothing environment.

12. Acrobatics in the Womb: 

Buckle up for the baby acrobatics show happening inside your belly! As your little one grows, you'll feel all sorts of kicks, twists, and turns that will leave you in awe. Your body is a marvellous playground for your baby's gymnastics routine.

Tip: Take a moment each day to connect with your baby. Place your hands on your belly, play soft music, and enjoy the beautiful bond you now share.


13. The Mystery of Leaky Nipples: 

You might be surprised to find your breasts leaking a liquid known as colostrum. Don't worry; it's just your body's way of preparing for breastfeeding. Consider it a sneak peek into the marvellous world of motherhood.

Tip: Keep nursing pads handy to avoid the unexpected wet T-shirt. And remember, leaking breasts are a testament to the amazing nourishment your body provides for your baby.


14. Shifting Organs: 

Did you know your organs are as flexible as a yoga guru during pregnancy? As your baby expands, your organs gracefully make room for the tiny tenant. It's like having a real-life game of "organ Tetris" going on inside you!

Tip: Practice good posture to give your organs ample space to breathe. Sit up straight, stretch, and enjoy those moments of feeling your baby move.


15. The Battle of the Bladder: 

Warning: Frequent bathroom trips ahead! Your growing uterus might put some extra pressure on your bladder (even in the first trimester), leading to an increased need to pee. Higher progesterone levels and the fact that tubes from your kidneys are dilated may mean more trips to the loo for small amounts of wee.

Tip: Try and remember to always have a pee before leaving the house, and always know where the nearest bathroom is located. Also, cut down on tea and coffee and drink water or diluted fruit juice, like cranberry.


As you navigate through these wild and wonderful changes to your pregnant body, remember that you're a walking miracle. Treat yourself to moments of self-care, celebrate the little victories, and surround yourself with love and support. Soon enough, you'll be holding your bundle of joy in your arms.

And when the ‘growing’ gets tough, remember this: you’re doing an amazing job! You have the power to create life, endure discomfort, and radiate a glow that rivals a thousand suns. Relish in the fact that your incredible pregnant body is a beautiful, awe-inspiring work of art.