How To Be Fertility Supplement Savvy

How To Be Fertility Supplement Savvy
When trying to fall pregnant, the right fertility supplement can help support your goals alongside a healthy diet. 

However, not all supplements known to enhance fertility are made equal and not all contain healthy ingredients.

With the vast and confusing choice available on the market, we decided to compile this article to help you understand what to look for based on your particular fertility scenario.


Choose Fertility Supplements with Good Quality BioAvailable Ingredients

The supplement market is flooded with fertility supplements that sometimes come with misleading claims and the ingredients contained are not always healthy or bioavailable.

The bioavailability of a supplement defines if the body can use a substance or not. For example, not all types of vitamin B12 are easy for the body to use (meaning not all are bioavailable). Typically cyanocobalamin is the most commonly used form of vitamin B12 in supplements, but this type is chemically made (also known as synthetically made) and is not easy for the body process. Whereas methylcobalamin is the naturally occurring form in food and so when included in this form, it is much easier for the body to use. The same is true for all nutrients you would consider supplementing with.

This is why quality bioavailable ingredients used in quality supplement brands might seem more expensive than other chemically synthesised supplement brands. These same quality brands usually will usually make an effort to ensure they are also free of unnecessary chemicals, additives, cheap fillers, bulking agents, colourants and is non-GMO.

There is also simply no point in taking a supplement that is full of chemically derived vitamins as the body will not be able to process them and therefore you will not be getting the dose you think you are.

That is why Naître has taken time to create supplements that are not only bioavailable but we have added an extra component to increase this bioavailability further by using the latest liposome technology. Liposome technology is a safe form for supplement delivery that has lipid bilayers resembling the plasma membrane of the cell, allowing the body to process the nutrients in our products easier as they are recognisable to the body.

Liquid-based supplements do not require the usual bulking agents, fillers and anti-caking agents typically used in pill and capsule-based supplements. This is another reason they are considered superior compared to capsules, pills, gummies and even powders. When considering they are also incredibly bioavailable and usable to the body, less is often needed due to the high absorbability factor. This is, after all, the whole point we want to take supplements - to have the body absorb them easily and create positive change. Highly bioavailable supplements can also reduce common nauseous side effects. 

Taking the above into account, this is why it is important to consult healthcare providers who have up to date knowledge on supplements when it comes to choosing what is right for your fertility situation. As even well-meaning friends and doctors are not always aware of the caveats surrounding supplementation. Bioavailability is a measure of how easily a substance can be absorbed by the body and is considered the key to truly effective supplementation, which is vital during the preconception and pregnancy stages.


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Choose Fertility Supplements That Work Alongside a Balanced Diet


With the above in mind, it should not be necessary to choose a supplement with high levels of nutrients that exceed far above the recommended daily amounts. In many cases, this is done to compensate for the poor bioavailability associated with cheap synthetic versions of supplement ingredients.

Also, remember that a fertility supplement cannot replace and give you the benefits that a healthy diet can. A healthy diet is always the first step to address when looking to create a healthy body with robust fertility health. Supplements should only be used to fill the gaps that are still present, unfortunately, even in healthy diets.

Choosing bioavailable supplements helps avoid overconsumption of nutrients, which can be harmful just like when we do not consume enough nutrients. So by choosing supplements that use the highest quality bioavailable ingredients alongside cutting-edge liposomal technology, Naître is disrupting the market and challenging the status quo by bringing you the best of both worlds in all of our supplements. Including the preconception multivitamin and ensures no over-nutrition due to unnecessary toxic daily doses.

At Naître, we are committed to a ‘food-first’ approach, which means all of our specially crafted formulations are designed to work in harmony with a healthy diet - never in place of a healthy diet.


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Fertility Supplements Should Include a Good Combination of Multiple Nutrients

When it comes to nutrients and supplementation, it has been demonstrated in a study that combinations of multiple nutrients can be more effective at improving fertility health compared to supplementing with single nutrients.

Fertility supplements taken separately can become complicated not to mention expensive. So it is always important when choosing the right fertility supplement to choose one that contains a complete spectrum of nutrients that are also proven to be beneficial for fertility health.

Every single Fertility-to-Family fertility supplement blend from Naître, are formulated so that the micro and macronutrients work in harmony together. 

Good quality fertility supplements should also include key essential nutrients that are extremely important for the very early stages of pregnancy, and that can bridge the gap from the moment you conceive to the time you discover you are pregnant, which for some can be a number of weeks. The key at this stage is to encourage normal fetal development and several nutrients have proven to reduce abnormal growth, including neural defects such as spina Bifida and anencephaly.


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Avoid Fertility Supplements that Contain Proprietary Blends & Make False Pregnancy Claims

Supplements that include proprietary blends means that the manufacturers have included and blended a number of ingredients together and the amount of each ingredient is not listed on the label. This means the company is not operating clearly and transparently for customers to make the most informed choice regarding fertility supplements (or any supplements for that matter).
Be careful not to believe misleading and false claims listed on fertility supplements. Some even claim they can help you fall pregnant within a certain time frame. Whilst supplements, especially bioavailable supplements, can be useful when trying to fall pregnant, there are just so many factors at play that make a pregnancy happen so if there was a quick way around this then we would all know, and the inventor would be rich!


Key Points for Choosing the Right Fertility Supplements

Fertility supporting supplements are crucial for both partners to take for several months before trying to conceive. However, supplements cannot replace a healthy diet but are a good addition to it. There is no one size fits all supplement routine, but there are general supplements proven to be important for all pregnancies and some types that can work better than others. This includes choosing those with high bioavailability and in liquid forms, such as those created by Naître. Specific key ingredients are always included in quality fertility supplement formulas to optimise both male and female reproductive health and support.


Amy Morris is Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Lifestyle Guide