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The Journal

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on Modern Maternity

Whether you need to get to the bottom of how long it will take to fall pregnant or the best sex position to help those swimmers – our Journal holds plenty of medical, scientific and nutritional wisdom to guide you on your journey to Parenthood.

CoQ10's Crucial Role in Reproductive Health

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a compound naturally produced by the body that helps make energy in the cells. Its natural production wanes with age. However, we can still obtain this important nutrient through food and supplements. Because CoQ10 is found within every cell in both men and women and can protect them from damage, it is an important nutrient to consume when planning to conceive.   What is Coenzyme Q10?   CoQ10 is a naturally produced antioxidant compound also known as a ‘vitaminoid’, which means it acts like a vitamin but is not officially one. Every cell in the body...